Greetings! I’m Monty a gamer, artist, and miniature painting addict. I started this blog to share my love of miniature painting.  However, over the past few years it’s become a place to share much more. As you search through the archives you’ll find some traditional artwork, inspiration, tutorials and general silliness. I try to post something new every two week, so stop by often and feel free to leave me any feed back, critiques, suggestions and adoration.

Thanks, and enjoy!

-David “Monty” Montalvan


    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to posting some work in progress stuff when i get my camera back. I’ve also got some pictures from TempleCon that I’ll be putting up soon. Is there anything you’d like to see posted in the future?

    1. Most definitely bro! Thanks for the honors!

      Great stuff by the way. Keep it going bro! 🙂

    1. Thanks Z! I’m glad you visited my blog. Now you need to put one together for your customs. The world deserves to see! 😀

  1. Am I doing this right? how do I sign up? Where did I put my keys? I needs help in order to get updates on Ser Montalvan’s creationsm? Is it normal to feel ashamed I can only draw stick figures 🙁 after seeing the the AWESOME!

    1. Thanks for the support Justin! Click “follow” at the top the page and you’ll get updates whenever I add a new post. 😀

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