A Lesson in Female Anatomy

A few months ago my friend Alex, asked me to paint up this anatomy figure for him. At first I was pretty intimidated and had no idea how to approach painting her. However, after much deliberation and air brush practice I mustered up enough confidence¬†to get to work. So, ladies and gents¬†taking center stage, this¬†8 inch tall beauty is¬†available through¬†3Dtotal.¬†¬†Give it up for¬†Bertha (well that’s what I named her).


Here she is without any paint and a little¬†sanding work done. As you can see, it’s a beautifully sculpted model with a lot of detail and very realistic proportions. This is an excellent addition to any artist’s reference collection.


Alex requested that I¬†only paint the muscle half.¬†So I set about to masking all the areas i didn’t want to paint. Step one was painting on some Vallejo airbrush liquid mask, followed by painters tape and then more liquid mask over that. Lastly I Gave Bertha a spray coat of White Primer.

FemMod_PiPI took these pictures¬†during the first few airbrush sessions. I¬†started¬†with a¬†warm red-orange¬†basecoat¬†followed by some shading using a darker neutral red. From there I added a few light coats of pink and Ivory. I used a references from the Bodies Exhibit to help with¬†where the lighter colored tissue go. The last step for the muscle tissue¬†were¬†several washes. The first few¬†red washes were to soften the¬†highlights.¬†Then I mixed a brown/red ink and applied that¬†in the recesses to bring out contrast in¬†the recesses. In the final images below you’ll see Bertha after a few white brushed-on highlights and some other detail.


Female Anatomy Model by 3DTotal

And here’s the final version. As a side note, when I originally masked the model I forgot to cover her toes on her left foot. So I mixed up my won gray to match the resin (pretty close if I do say so myself) and brushed that on.¬†This model is very different from the stuff I’m used to working on. The scale is bigger, the detail is more subtle and the style is more realistic.¬†It’s been a fun, challenging project and I’m¬†happy to have finally completed it. Anyhoo, I hope you like Bertha and please share any thoughts you have on her and my paint job. As always, happy painting! ūüôā