Repeat After Me: Blue!

Hello again fellow lover of cool things! In my last post I explained the steps I took to paint orange on this very cool EVO repeater. Let’s continue now with the color blue. Or is that aqua? Whatever, just follow my lead. 🙂


First we start with the base-coat. I think this is the most important step when painting a model. It’s like building a house; you need a solid and even foundation or else the rest of it goes to shit. So take your time, keep your paint smooth and thin (like milk) and listen to your favorite podcast.


Next up is shading with a wash of Deep Ocean. As you can tell in the picture, I’m a bit messy with this step. It’s all good tho because in the next I cleaned it up and smoothed it out. That could be an R. Kelly song.


Here’s where I tried smoothing the blend between the base-coat color and the shade color. I used a mix of Deep Ocean/Marine Teal (60/40) and watered them down with a mix of H2O/Flo-Aid (20/1) to create a wash. Then I used this wash to smooth out the middle area between the two colors.

Note: These Reaper Master Series Paints have a really nice quality pigment; great for washes and layered blends.


Highlights with Surf Aqua. The contrast is a little too stark for my taste. Let’s fix that…


…with another wash of Deep Ocean/Marine Teal. That’s better!


And then I redid the highlight a little thinner. Nicey nice, with beans and rice!

On to the next color: WHITE!

Repeat After Me: Orange!

It’s Remote time baby! After painting a bunch of regular infantry for my Corregidor army, I decided it was time to paint up a Zond or two. What’s a Zond? A quick look at the Infinity website tells us, “Basically, it is a kind of semi-autonomous robotic porter, a high-tech beast of burden.” So let’s get to it!


As you can see here, the base is already done. I usually dry-brush bases (which is pretty messy) first then move onto the more neat work. It also looks better on the table to have all my bases finished even if eveything else is a work in progress.

I also did a quick base coat of metallic paint followed by a wash of black and a base-coat of orange.


The initial coat of Jokaero Orange acts more like a primer for this coat of Fire Orange. It would’ve taken a lot more coats of this color to get good coverage. Too much paint bad!


Next I added a wash of Phoenix Red. The key to making a nice, smooth wash is adding a bit of Flo-Aid and water. I keep a separate dropper bottle of Flo-aid/H2O mix (1/20) at my paint station. Use it! 🙂


This step is all about contrast. I used Reikland Fleshshade to define the spaces between the armor plates.


And finally a highlight of Marigold Yellow. Afterward I went back and picked out any mistakes or rough areas.

So there you have it. Orange is done. Later this week I’ll post the next color, BLUE! Oh snappy!

Temporus Cruiser

I’ve been ask to paint a prototype model for an upcoming Kickstarter project. It’s for a game called Temporus and is based on old school, side scrolling action. During some levels of the game you fly around in a space cruiser shooting foes in an obscene deluge of firepower. It looks like a lot of fun and the character designs are top-notch.


Temporus Cruiser

The creator would like to offer painted versions of the games iconic Cruiser. That’s where I come in. Here’s some pictures of the 3D render and my painted version below. Enjoy!


Temporus Cruiser 3D Render


Temporus Cruiser-Painted Prototype

I used only Privateer Press Paints (P3) for this model. The main reason being that they have great coverage and pretty nice selection of earth tone colors. P3 dries with a semi gloss finish that I find distracting, but finished with a spay of Matte Varnish and it’s all good. I also used good old Agrax Earthshade (GW) for shading.

Here are the colors used:

Green: Base-coat 50/50 mix of Thornwood Green/Ordic Olive. Wash of Agrax Earthshade. Highlight of Ordic Olive up to 50/50 mix of Ordic Olive/Thrall Flesh.

Brown: Base-coat Gun Corps Brown. Wash of Agrax Earthshade. Highlight of Gun Corps Brown up to Rucksack Tan.

Blue rockets: Arcane Blue up to Morrow White.

Orange Lights: Khador Red Highlight up to Cygnar Yellow.

So keep a look out for when this Kickstarter comes around. Later space cadets!

Does This Look Infected?

A twisted artist who goes by the name of Splurrt creates these bizarre, grotesque characters that instill warm fuzzy feeling in my rotten little heart. So when my buddy Nar asked me to paint one of his vinyl pieces I replied, “Yes please!” and then farted.


Cadaver Kid

I started out by Priming him in gray and then a second light prime over that. This is to help create a sense of “lighting” for the miniature and make it easier for me to see the details (because my eyes are getting old).


Cadaver Kid


Cadaver Kid

I then laid out some Base-coat colors to help me plan out my color scheme.


Cadaver Kid


Cadaver Kid


Cadaver Kid


Cadaver Kid

Here’s the final version. I tried to take pictures as I worked on it but I kept forgetting to (guess I was deep in the zone). So instead here’s a quick breakdown of the colors I used:

Rotten Skin: Citadel’s Camo Green up to Rotting Flesh with a Devlan Mudd Wash

Raw Skin: 50/50 mix of Citadel’s Rotting Flesh/Scab red up to Rotting Flesh with a bit of Devlan Mudd Wash

Blue skin: P3’s Trollblood Base up to Trollblood Highlight. On the knees and belly I highlighted up to Midland Flesh

Metals: Citadel’s Botlgun Metal with a wash of P3’s Bloodtracker Brown and then Citadel’s Devlan Mudd.

Teeth and stitches: Base-coat of Citadel’s Snakebite Leather up to Bleached Bone and a little bit of Devlan Mudd Wash.

As you can see I use a lot of the same highlight color (Rotting Flesh) and shade (Devlan Mudd). This helps to create harmony in the color scheme and tie things together visually. It also helps keep my paint table less cluttered. Less clutter means less work, which leads to faster painting…in theory. 😉

Playing Dress Up At NYCC 2013

Greetings fellow geeks! This year’s New York City Comic Con was pretty awesome. I was particularly blown away by all the amazing costumes. People really got decked out in their best (and sometimes worst) cosplay. But it’s all good because the Con is all about immersing yourself in all that nerdy, geeky, bizarre goodness. So enough of this palaver, let’s get this show on the road!



Here I am dressed up as Sandman from DC comics. I could’ve worn the classic green suit and purple cape, but I was having a really hard time finding where Katt Williams buys his suits.


Sandman’s Gas Gun

Sandman’s gas gun was a bitch to make but I really had fun painting it. Hooray for dry brushing and washes. 😀 But enough about me let’s see some more cool cosplayers. Please excuse the blurry pictures. It was very crowded and unwise to hold up foot traffic for too long or photo ops.




Borderlands Crew


Breaking Bad’s Walter White


?, Chun Li, Thor






Dai Li Agent


X-MEN getting photo bombed by a Horse


The Walking Dead






Um, Topless Chick?


Poison Ivy


Inspector Gadget


Vegeta & Ryu


Boba Fett!


IDK, but he looks bad ass.


Hawkwoman, Hawkman & Barfs Butt


The Shredder, and some Turtle heads


Galdolf the Douche



Well that’s it for my costume showcase. There were literally hundreds of people dressed up for NYCC! It was a great time with a lot to do and see. Next up I’ll post pics of some of the cool toys, art and goodies I bought. Don’t blink!

Infinity Report

Man it’s been such a busy month that I’ve been severely neglecting my blogging duties. Commission work, a busy day job, a couple vet visits (for my dog not me) and NYC ComicCon, the time has just been flying by. However, I’ve still managed to squeeze in a little painting and modeling.


My Infinity terrain collection is complete, for now. I tried to fit all my stuff in this picture. Mixed in with some paper terrain odds and ends, this makes for a great amount of coverage on the table. Obviously I have a lot of painting lined up for me, but so is life as a miniature gamer.


Nomad – Hellcat


Nomad – Hellcat

I also finished work on my first Hellcat for my Corregidor box. I LOVE this model! Totally want to buy all the poses for this little shite. Anyhoo, that’s what I’ve been up to. Stay tuned for pics of my adventures at NYCC. Later!

Obi Fun Shinobi

Recently I started working on an illustration project with a few of my friends. The premise is one of us in the group comes up with a character name and then all us interpret the name into an illustration. Here’s my first drawing and some work in progress photos as well. Enjoy!

Scan 91

For Obi Fun Shinobi I wanted to create a ninja version of the legendary Jedi we all know and love. Here’s my first concept sketch that I quickly drew up on some tracing paper and a Sharpie.


I scanned the sketch into Photoshop and changed the line art to light blue. Then printed it and drew directly onto the printout to further flesh out the figure and armor.


Next up, shading. I love this part! I’m a big fan of heavy shadows and strong use of black. At, this point I noticed that Obi’s right leg was a little off so I later fixed that on the computer. Time for color!


Here’s my first color comp, done on Adobe Illustrator. I like coloring on AI. Although it’s not as fancy as Photoshop there’s something about it I really enjoy.


And Here’s the final version. Shiny! 😀