Playing Dress Up At NYCC 2013

Greetings fellow geeks! This year’s New York City Comic Con was pretty awesome. I was particularly blown away by all the amazing costumes. People really got decked out in their best (and sometimes worst) cosplay. But it’s all good because the Con is all about immersing yourself in all that nerdy, geeky, bizarre goodness. So enough of this palaver, let’s get this show on the road!



Here I am dressed up as Sandman from DC comics. I could’ve worn the classic green suit and purple cape, but I was having a really hard time finding where Katt Williams buys his suits.


Sandman’s Gas Gun

Sandman’s gas gun was a bitch to make but I really had fun painting it. Hooray for dry brushing and washes. 😀 But enough about me let’s see some more cool cosplayers. Please excuse the blurry pictures. It was very crowded and unwise to hold up foot traffic for too long or photo ops.




Borderlands Crew


Breaking Bad’s Walter White


?, Chun Li, Thor






Dai Li Agent


X-MEN getting photo bombed by a Horse


The Walking Dead






Um, Topless Chick?


Poison Ivy


Inspector Gadget


Vegeta & Ryu


Boba Fett!


IDK, but he looks bad ass.


Hawkwoman, Hawkman & Barfs Butt


The Shredder, and some Turtle heads


Galdolf the Douche



Well that’s it for my costume showcase. There were literally hundreds of people dressed up for NYCC! It was a great time with a lot to do and see. Next up I’ll post pics of some of the cool toys, art and goodies I bought. Don’t blink!

Back On Track!

I finally got my camera back from Canon!  Happy Days are here once again! 😀 Now I can get back to taking pics of my Rasputina Crew for Malifaux (including work in progress shots of Avatar Rasputina and Snow Storm)! I’ve taken pictures of models before during the different stages of painting, but not for tutorial use.  It should be interesting. So, while I get all that together for my next post, here’s some photos from TempleCon 2013. I know!

“That’s old news Dave! I’ve already seen all the cool stuff from the convention”,  said the nerd.

Well these pics are just a few things, that other people worked on, that i thought were cool. Stuff such as:


TempleCon Floor

The carpeting! Yes, I found myself both mesmerized and repelled by this carpet. I took this picture in the main hall where most of the Warmachine and Hordes games were being played. I’m pretty sure that this was the carpet throughout the Convention and Hotel, but I could be wrong. It’s all just blurs now (I really should’ve posted these earlier).


Dark Age Demo Table

I took a lot of pictures of the different gaming tables there for my personal reference. There were so many tables covered in terrain. Some were pretty basic, others kinda beat up, and some of them were just awesome. Like this Dark Age Demo table. I played a quick demo and really enjoyed it. The rules are pretty simple and the fluff is pretty bad ass, but the models are so sick! I picked up Mongo, a bad ass mofo with concrete slabs for weapons. I can’t wait to paint him up.


MERCS Demo Table

Here’s another cool looking demo table for MERCS. It was pretty popular at convention, but I can’t really get into the models. The good thing is the model count is pretty small so I’d be down to try it out.


Warhammer 40,000 Table

Here’s a pretty nice Warhammer 40,000 table. I’ve gotta admit, every time I see one of these SciFi ruined cities it makes me miss 40K. Then I remember that I have yet to complete one army (despite the fact that I worked at GW for 2 years). Anywhoo, it looks nice!  🙂


Comic Book Trolls

Now that’s bad ass! I saw a lot of Gargantuans at the convention, but the Mountain King by far was the most popular. I can’t remember the name of the gentleman who painted this bad boy but I love it. He definitely has his own style. The entire army has a very clean, high contrast, comic book feel to it.


Not So Mellow, Yellow Mountain King

Another Mountain King. It’s nice to see so many different color schemes all in one place.  This was a really bold choice and it worked out great. I forgot to ask how the painter was able to get such a good coat of yellow. I’m assuming a colored spray paint.


Woldwrath Front


Woldwrath Back

When I first saw pictures of the Wold Wrath I wasn’t impressed.  In fact, I was disappointed. Now that I’ve seen it in person, I really want one.  After I saw this guys version, I NEED one!  😀


Adam’s Smoke Bombs

Okay, first off, I’m sorry for the crappy photo. My camera was being a pain in the ass that day. Nonetheless, I had to post a picture of these fantastic smoke cloud markers. I met Adam during the Malifaux Tournament and he used these for his Torakage. To make them he used cotton, white glue, black spray paint, and electronic tea light candles. So cool!



Lastly, but most certainly not least, is my Saturday night 2am “snack”. That delicious pile of grub is instant pizza that my buddy Eddie and I got out of a vending machine. Yes, for only $2.50 I had fresh (not really) yummy (I lie) pizza. It wasn’t that bad actually. The sad part was that there was an actual line for this stuff at 2am.

So there ya’ have it.  Mischief managed!