Colin the R.N.

This adorable commission was made possible by a proud boyfriend. My coworker Alec wanted to surprise Taylor with a unique gift to celebrate her birthday and graduating from nursing school. Then Alec saw my previous post of Oreo and was inspired (the man obviously has good taste in art)! I was given creative freedom; Alec only requested to tie it back to the Registered Nurse theme. So much power! MUAHAHA! Ahem! So without further delay, let’s look at some photos.

Above is the original paint job from the factory. Very cute and simple design but it has an assembly-line feel to it. Let’s see if I can spruce it up! After cleaning and priming everything black I sketched out some lighting and details with a white colored pencil. The sketch lines won’t be visible in the final product but they help me visualize and plan the work ahead. It’s my first time using a colored pencil this way on a model but I like it!

Scroll down and you’ll see a few work-in-progress images. I really like the face markings on the original so kept to that layout but used an overall lighter color pallet. With the basic airbrushing done I moved on to the hand brushwork. My favorite part! ūüėÄ
I’ve heard that Taylor has blue/green eyes so that’s what I went with here and of course the nurse outfit.

Finishing touches included adding gloss varnish to the eyes, nose and tongue and sculpting a tiny stethoscope from plastic cylinders. Now this handsome RN is ready for his photo shoot. Ladies and gents I give you Colin. If you need him just “Call in, because he’s on call.” And yes that name and quote was all Taylor.

That wraps up this project folks! Thanks for reading and post your comments, ideas, or questions below. Happy painting and stay creative!

Tabletop Gamers United


If you’re like me, you spend lots¬†of time listening to¬†podcasts. So when I found out that one of my local gaming groups was coming out¬†with their own, I¬†squealed with joy! Tabletop Gamers United¬†focuses on all aspects of tabletop gaming, “No game will be shunned, no game will be frowned upon.”¬†It’s¬†hosted by¬†Andrew, Scott, Calvine and Nestor¬†and they all bring something unique and fun to the show. So if you like¬†smart, jolly¬†tabletop gaming banter¬†give ’em a¬†listen. Episode 1¬†is up¬†and waiting for your support, feedback, and general ridicule. Enjoy!¬†

P.S. Thank¬†you¬†to the TGU crew for using my logo design for their show.¬†Good luck you guys and keep on being classy. ūüėČ