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Curse You Canon!

I’ve been painting up a Rasputina crew for the past few weeks and am really liking the results.  I planned on posting some pictures of them this weekend. Unfortunately, my Canon Power Shot S100 had different plans. Turns out Canon put out a Product Advisory on this camera. Here’s a link  if you find you had the same issue. Once I get my Camera back I’ll be posting some work in progress stuff. So instead here’s more pictures of my Piggies. Enjoy!

Lord Carver BMMD III

First up is Lord Carver Bringer of Most Massive Destruction III.  A bad ass name for a bad ass model. The original sculpt had spikes on the shoulders which I didn’t care much for.  Spikes on shoulders are silly :P.  So, I left them out and added a little putty for the fur and shoulder pad. It was a very easy conversion.


Next up, Rosh, the Lesser Minion Warlock. At TempleCon 2013 I entered him in the Cool Mini Or Not  Painting Competition and didn’t place.  I had an opportunity to talk with one of the judges, Kevin, and he gave me excellent feedback. He thought my technique was great but the model could use some more contrast.  I totally agree. When I worked on this army I purposely kept the color palate very monochromatic with bits of green for “pop”. Rosh here doesn’t have enough of it though.  I might repaint his ammo holster green to make up for the lack of visual interest.


Here we have Rorsh’s better half, Brine. I loved panting this model! The rolls of flesh and the rusted metal were a lot of fun to work on.  Kevin from Cool Mini Or Not suggested that I add some texture to the green fabric.  Right now the skin and cloth look like they’re made of the same stuff. Another great suggestion.

Sturm & Drang

Sturm & Drang, the bipolar mad pig! I painted this guy up A year ago for Lost Hemisphere’s monthly Paint the Target challenge. If you haven’t already you should definitely check out their blog.  It’s packed with great articles from gaming, painting and modeling.


Hey lookie here! It’s another lil’ piggy! Targ is the Mad Eye Moody of the Minions! I’ve got some Work In Progress pictures of him that I’ll be posting up in the near future. Again, he was a lot of fun to paint (honestly all the Farrow models were). I especially enjoyed working on this one orange eye.

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