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So, I’m holding off on painting anything new until I get my camera back from Canon. The good news is that I took some pictures of some of my Trollbloods before my camera crapped out. Trollbloods are a lot of fun to paint. The entire range has a lot of character and really dynamic poses. They’re pretty big models (40mm-50mm bases) so it takes more time to paint them up which is why I’ve been working on mine on and off for the last 3 years. 😛
This is the first Trollblood Warbeast i painted I loves him to bits! 😀 I experimented a lot with the metallics to get the right mix for rusted old metal. I ended up using washes of green and reddish browns. I’ll make sure to post a step by step tutorial in the future.
If you look closely at this Impaler, you’ll see little specks of black on the metal areas. You might ask, “Was this intentional?” The answer is no. I accidentally sprayed him with black primer instead of clear matte varnish when. DOH! After a little touching up and cursing myself out I left the speckles on the metal areas. I think they look kinda cool. Or maybe I was just too tired to redo it. smh…
Here we have one of the most iconic Warbeasts of the entire Trollblood range. The Mauler was a beast of a model to paint (pun intended). He took a long time to finish. I’d work on him for a few days, get sick of him, take a few weeks off, and then get back to it. It was totally worth the work. So bad ass! 😀

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  1. Good work on these, love the colors!

    • Thanks Jackie! Privateer Press (P3) created a really nice color palette for their studio models and i saw no reason to change it. Trollblood Base and Trollblood Highlight are two of my top 10 favorite colors!

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