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Switching It Up

I mentioned last week that I’m in a model painting funk. So I’m taking a break from all that and working on some traditional paintings. This project started with me randomly texting my family, “What’s your favorite color and animal? Give me a noun (person, place, thing or idea).”

Once I got all their replies I got to sketching up some ideas using the words they picked. I decided to use 4″x4″ textured MDF board for these paintings because I know my painting ADD wouldn’t be able to handle anything larger. I’m also using  model painting acrylics since I already have them. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

Domo and the Elephant

This painting  is for my niece. She’s a huge fan of elephants, Domo and the color purple. I haven’t done a traditional painting in a long time and it was really nice to work on a 2D piece of my own design. Sometimes painting miniatures can feel like coloring in a coloring book. Projects like these are great for getting the creativity going. Especially when you’re stuck in a rut like I’ve been lately.

Monkey Around

I’m a children’s wear artist by day, so I get to draw a lot of monkeys. They have to be very cute, round, and kinda dumb looking. So when my other niece said monkey, blue, and food I was pretty excited to work on a monkey in my own style. This guy is goofy and lanky, the way a monkey should look. I was tempted to give him a fig leaf on to cover his fruits but opted for the hairy bush instead. 😛

I’ve still got a few more paintings to finish for the rest of the fam and I’ll post them  later. Also, not all is lost for my miniature painting. Last week I bought the latest expansion set for Super Dungeon Explore. The models are adorable! I’ve been prepping them all weekend and should be posting some work in progress pics really soon. So stay tuned!

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