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‘Til Infinity And…

Hooray! More Infinity models completed. I’ve gone full bore with collecting these Haqqislam models. I just hope the gameplay is as enjoyable as the painting. Worst case scenario, I have a bunch of good looking Boba Fett inspired minis that look nice in my case. 😛

Haqqislam, Hassassin Lasiq
Haqqislam, Hassassin Lasiq

This is the very first model I bought for Infinity about two years ago and I finally painted him last week. I’m really happy with the way he came out. I mean look at this dude. Kick ass gun, cool futuristic armor, mysterious cloak? All the essential elements a sci-fi, bad ass assassin needs. The only thing I need to add is some dust at the bottom of his cloak. I’m practicing on some test models first before applying the effect to this guy.

Haqqislam, Janissary
Haqqislam, Janissary

Corvus Belli (the makers of Infinity the Game) keeps knocking them outta the park. I can’t say much else about this miniature that the picture doesn’t show. It’s just so bad ass! I was really intimidated to paint this, so I thought it’d be perfect to test out my fancy new Optivisor. The goggles helped to keep my work a lot neater, thus cutting back on touch ups in the end. Overall, I’m pleased with the blends and am especially happy with the color layout. Woot!

Haqqislam, Groupshot
Haqqislam, Groupshot

Here’s a shot of my Haqqislam force so far. I’ve got about 10 more minis waiting to be worked on but this should be enough to get me playing with my homies. So there you have it kiddies. So many models, so little time, so get painting. 😉

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  1. Damn you paint so good. Gimme your talent! Now!
    Side note: When I first picked up Infinity models I was rather intimidated to paint them as well. I still am in a way. Actually sold off my first models and picked up the Japanese Sectorial. Now I feel comfortable painting them, though I do not paint them as detailed as you paint your folkies.
    I like your vibrant colors. I use them a lot for my minis as well (especially orange <3), but I find them a bit unfitting together. Those colors would work together if they were toned down by a mutual color, maybe a brown or a dark khaki. I just think it is funky looking with bright red masks and yellow shoulder pads on grey/blue and green. xD

    Still love them!

    Also beasts of war has a great quick starter set of rules to Infinity. I tried them out with a friend the other day and played a few games using beer bottles and paint pots as terrain. Was really cool. 😀

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Matt. When I first decided to base this scheme off of Boba Fett I was a bit concerned. The colors don’t really have harmony and are challenging to find balance together. But, there’s something kinda vintage about them that I really like.

      • Don’t get me wrong. The models look fantastic. I wish I could paint as well as you can.
        I am just saying that the brightness of it kind of makes it ‘feel’ funky. 😛

        Though I am one to talk. I painted my first Keisotsu all orange and blue. I still like it, but I would get nerved painting up a whole army like it.

        I went for this instead:

        It just ‘felt’ right, if you know what I mean.

      • Nice work Matt! Honestly I like your original color scheme more. 😛
        Goes to show, we all have different tastes. I’ll be posting some of my new Haqqislam stuff real soon. Hope you dig it.

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