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Fun With Paper

“Why Dave, where have you been you slacker? You said a post a week but it’s been over two.” Said the disappointed blog follower (aka the voice in my head).

Sometimes I just need a good distraction. I don’t want this blog to become a chore or even worse, work. Bleh! So, my recent distraction has been… playing Infinity! That’s right I finally played a game with my freshly painted Haqqislam models and it was awesome! I even spent a week assembling a terrain table so I can play at home. check it out.

Paper Terrain
Paper Terrain

All the terrain on this table was made using paper print outs that I cut out and glued together. With a little help from my wife I was able to finish it all in about three nights. This terrain’s a great solution for anybody that has a tight budget and some time to spare. It’s also very easy to store away, just roll up the streets and stack the buildings in a shoe box. Eventually, I’d like to build a themed table with a greater variety of elements like multi story buildings, vehicles and lots of cover. While I figure out what I want that final table to look like, this terrain will do the job nicely.

Most of the original PDFs for the table are from and the plastic buildings in the center are Plasticville’s Hobo Jungle. The best part is all this easy to assemble terrain is FREE! I just had to print it out and buy a glue stick. Booyah!

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