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Obi Fun Shinobi

Recently I started working on an illustration project with a few of my friends. The premise is one of us in the group comes up with a character name and then all us interpret the name into an illustration. Here’s my first drawing and some work in progress photos as well. Enjoy!

Scan 91

For Obi Fun Shinobi I wanted to create a ninja version of the legendary Jedi we all know and love. Here’s my first concept sketch that I quickly drew up on some tracing paper and a Sharpie.


I scanned the sketch into Photoshop and changed the line art to light blue. Then printed it and drew directly onto the printout to further flesh out the figure and armor.


Next up, shading. I love this part! I’m a big fan of heavy shadows and strong use of black. At, this point I noticed that Obi’s right leg was a little off so I later fixed that on the computer. Time for color!


Here’s my first color comp, done on Adobe Illustrator. I like coloring on AI. Although it’s not as fancy as Photoshop there’s something about it I really enjoy.


And Here’s the final version. Shiny! 😀

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