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Infinity Report

Man it’s been such a busy month that I’ve been severely neglecting my blogging duties. Commission work, a busy day job, a couple vet visits (for my dog not me) and NYC ComicCon, the time has just been flying by. However, I’ve still managed to squeeze in a little painting and modeling.


My Infinity terrain collection is complete, for now. I tried to fit all my stuff in this picture. Mixed in with some paper terrain odds and ends, this makes for a great amount of coverage on the table. Obviously I have a lot of painting lined up for me, but so is life as a miniature gamer.

Nomad – Hellcat
Nomad – Hellcat

I also finished work on my first Hellcat for my Corregidor box. I LOVE this model! Totally want to buy all the poses for this little shite. Anyhoo, that’s what I’ve been up to. Stay tuned for pics of my adventures at NYCC. Later!

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