Rhulic Showcase: Warjacks

“In WARMACHINE warcaster’s true strength lies in his ability to control and coordinate the mighty combat automatons at the heart of his forces—his warjacks. Each and every warjack is a looming ironclad behemoth, a coal-fired engine of destruction with a primitive magical brain in addition to its unique weapons and capabilities. On its own a warjack is capable of only the most rudimentary actions, but when controlled by a warcaster its efficiency and deadliness increase dramatically. Using his warjacks wisely can decide a battle for a seasoned warcaster.”

Ghordson Avalancher
Ghordson Driller
Wroughthammer Rockram
Ghordson Basher
Grundback Gunners
Grundback Blasters

Rhulic warkjacks are some of my favorite models in the Privateer Press line. They have a unique design, easy to assemble, and a real treat to paint. I’m especially pleased with all the battle damage. It adds grittiness to the models and doubles as an easy way to disguise any messy blends. Next post, solos and characters. Until then, keep your brush wet and your nose dry! 😀


  1. The battle damage looks very convincing. I first thought it is part of the miniatures. Again the off-white came out nicely and works well to connect all the other colours.

  2. As usual, thanks for all your feedback D&G! I’ve gotten a few requests for the color recipe. I’ll have to post that up later since I can’t remember the names. I do know that I used Vallejo Game Color almost entirely.

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