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DancinDave-SFCGreetings! For awhile now I’ve been playing, collecting, and painting a lot for Infinity by Corvus Belli. I’ve even created some illustrations inspired by some of their amazing characters. One of my designs was printed on a t-shirt and Carlos Lorenzo (Concept & Graphic Designer for Corvus Belli) wore it during an interview! I was pretty stoked and thought I’d share the video with y’all. Warning to those that are not into tabletop gaming, this video might get boring. But there’s a bunch of cool concept art in it, and of course, my art. Woot! 😀

Watch here and enjoy!

If you’re interested in getting any cool Scarface and Cordelia merch, click here! All proceeds go to help support MayaCast Podcast.

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  1. awesome job on the shirt as I went and got one for myself but now seem to have to give it to the winner of the Achievement League. going to get another one woohoo

    • Thanks Nestor. I’ve been eye balling that mousepad for sometime now and a few of the Warsenal terrain pieces as well. Makes this gaming addiction stop! 😛
      Great job running the Achievement League by the way. It was great fun.

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