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Underground Lasers III: Mining Outpost Alpha

I’ve been super busy collaborating with Francisco Branco for his current Kickstarter project. Frank is the owner, creator, and creative mastermind behind Underground Lasers and his most recent project is pretty bad ass. Here’s some pictures of this very cool and unique kit painted by yours truly.

Basic Platform
Platform Inner Stairs
Package Deal 1
2 Tier Tower

I feel really lucky for the opportunity to get my hands on these terrain pieces before the KS release. The kit’s got a very unique design and most awesome of all, it’s completely collapsible! I can fit all the items you see here inside of a cereal box. Plus the many components leave a lot of room for customization.
Thanks to Francisco Branco for trusting me to paint this up for him, Nestor Medina from WGC for referring me and Ade Sanya from Nu Brand Gaming for letting me to use his shop for most of my airbrushing. You guys are the best!
I’ll keep posting up more pictures of fully painted sets throughout the month of December. So keep a look out for them here and on the official Underground Lasers Kickstarter Page. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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  1. Do you have any tips or guides for painting MDF? I’m new to this kind of terrain and wasn’t sure if they needed anything different/special done prep wise.

    I also backed the KS!

    • The best piece of advice I can give is to prep the surface using spray primer from the hardware store. I used Rustolium: Painter’s Touch Sandable Primer (not to be confused with Primer & Paint all-in-one) and that worked great. Krylon also makes a flat primer that works really well and has a nice nozzle. These options are a lot cheaper than using the usual model primers and they’re a bit thicker providing better coverage. As usual, spray only a couple light coats so you don’t loose detail. After that you can paint the terrain like you would any other model. I used a combination of airbrush (first time) and paintbrush for these. Hope that helps VoltRon, and thanks for the comment and for backing Francisco’s Kickstarter.

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