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Farewell Frosty

Greetings! Last week I said I’d have pics of my Mei Feng crew for this weeks post, but I decided to switch it up. Stay tuned for Mei Feng next week instead. So here to help us say goodbye to winter is Rasputina, The Ice Queen.

Rasputina. Master

Yes, ’tis time to bid farewell to the winter season and say hello to the spring. However, before we do so let’s take a look at some winter themed minis. Rasputina thwarts her foes with spells like December’s Curse and Biting Chill. She’s cold-blooded! In the future, I plan to add some winter themed runes and images to her cloak. Solid blue will just have to do for now.

Essence of Power, Totem

I wanted the Essence of Power to look like it was on the verge of freezing to death. Pallid but not yet dead. I ended up using a very light shade of flesh mixed with a small dab of baby blue and highlighting up to pure white. I’ll probably use a similar technique for Avatar Rasputina’s flesh.

Ice Golem, Minion

This is my first attempt at painting ice and I really like the way it turned out. The basic premise is to paint the model the opposite way you would normally. So, instead of darkest to lightest  toward the light source you go lightest in the recesses and darker in the uppermost parts. I intend on doing a tutorial on this technique in the future with Avatar Rasputina.

Ice Gamin, Minions

Gamin seem to give me the most trouble when it comes to color schemes. I painted these guys 3 different ways before I ended up with this very simple color palette.  I used the same Reaper Master Series Paints (RMSP) that I used for the Ice Golem. Marine Teal, Surf Aqua, Ghost White and then a light wash of Games Workshop Asurman Blue.

Reaper Master Series Paint
Reaper Master Series Paint

As a side note: I’ve recently started using RMSP and I must say, they’re the shit! The colors that they offer are vibrant and easy to work with and the color triads make going from shade to highlight a breeze. The dropper bottles are excellent for mixing colors perfectly. Most of all, I really like the matte finish to the paint. Less glossiness makes seeing what I’m working on much easier. I highly recommend them.

Silent One, Minion

The Silent One was the last model I painted for this Crew and believe it or not I finished all these models in less than two weeks. The secret is a super simple color palette. I really enjoyed the winter theme and am already working on Avatar Rasputina (almost done) and Snow Storm (not even close). Can’t wait to post the results.

Anyhoo, there ya have it. I hope you liked what you’ve seen. Stay cool!

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