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Mas Nomads

The three Wildcats that came in my Corregidor box are done! The days of painting large-scale armies are pretty much behind me but even with smaller, skirmish style games like Infinity, you sometimes have to paint multiples of the same unit. I’m so glad I got these guys models finished first and off of my painting table (aka my kitchen table). Now I can move on to the cooler stuff! 😀

Nomads, Wildcat
Nomads, Wildcat

All in all I’m glad with the way they came out. This color scheme is very different from my Haqqislam stuff so I can jump between the two groups if i need a break from one color palette. I’m also very pleased with how the rusted metal bases came out. They’re from Secret Weapon’s Tau Ceti. The sheets of “paper” are made out of thin  plasticard and help add some extra hight and variety to the bases. I might add some text and color to them later, but this’ll do for now.

Nomads, Wildcats

Here’s a group shot of the Wildcats.  As you can see the scale between the models are all different which is the only thing i don’t like about the sculpts. Otherwise they’re pretty sweet. I also painted them with different colored lights so I can differentiate easily on the table top. “The giant blue one is going to shoot you in the face!”

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’m a busy little bee.

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  1. Wow these guys came out absolutely stunning!! Just so clean and impressive.
    May I ask what colours you use to shade the black with? I’m looking for some good ones to buy but all the ones my friends use are old and no longer sold hehe and I love the effect you got with the colours you’re using 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback! I’m a big fan of using cool grays for highlighting black. I used to use Games Workshop’s line but I find that they’re a bit too blue. Recently I started using Reaper’s Master Series Paint and I really like them.
    Shade: MSP Midnight Blue
    Midtone: MSP Twilight Blue
    Highlight: MSP Snow Shadow (use this sparingly along the edges)

  3. Pretty awesome. And very ‘Wild’. 😉

    I wonder which orange color you used there? I plan on using my usual orange in my models (I am a nut for the color), but I do like the vibrant look to your orange tone.

    • Thanks Matt!
      Reaper Master Series makes some very beautiful, vibrant colors. For these guys i used:
      Base: Marigold Yellow
      Wash: Fire Orange
      Highlight: Sun Yellow

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