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Going Nomadic

“The Nomads consist of three enormous ships whose inhabitants, discontented with a society controlled by huge macroeconomic blocks and by A.I., have separated themselves from it and roam through space, trading from system to system.”

-Fiction from Infinity the Game

I started working on my Corregidor boxed set that I won from the Infinity O-12 podcast. These Nomad models have a much more sci-fi look than the Haqqislam stuff I’ve been painting recently. So, I wanted to go with a very bright and bizarre color scheme that looks more alien. Check out my prototype.

Nomad, Wildcat

The Corregidor box comes with three Wildcats so that’s where I decided to start painting. I usually like painting the grunts of my armies first to get a feel for the color scheme and composition. Plus I’d rather screw up on one of these in the beginning than one of the other more unique minis later. The prototype model is where I create the “rules” for my color scheme and always takes the longest to finish. Once it’s done, the rest of the models come along a lot quicker… in theory. 😛

Nomad, Wildcat

You might not be able to tell from these pictures but I painted this little shit three times before I was satisfied with a color scheme. Thus, there is some loss of detail, particularly in the orange ribbing. My first concept was purple, blue, white and bright green for the lights. Then I went with mostly white, aqua, khaki and orange lights. With some help from my wife I ended with this. Very pleased!

I’m also working on some more illustrations and really cheap terrain. Lot’s of cool stuff coming up so stay tuned. Later!

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  1. Pretty nifty. Also I have you to “thank”, more to blame (:P), that I spend more money… on… NOMADS! I went all Bakunin. Once my Gremlin escapades are finished I will be painting up my funky space aliens. I can hardly wait. ^_^

    How’d you do the base, btw?

    • Sweet! Glad this stuff is inspiring people to get into the game. Curse you gamer ADD!

      The bases are from Secret Weapon’s Tau Ceti baseset. Great value and pretty clean molds. I painted them using my usual rusty metal technique. Start with a base coat of Leadbeltcher (GW), then a wash of Battledress Green (P3), a second wash of Bloodstone (P3), and finally a drybrush of Leadbeltcher. You can try adding some highlights with a brighter metallic if you want but I wanted to keep these bases dull looking to contrast the lighting effects.

      • Curse you! XD

        Pretty nifty, though I do have a different base scheme for my nomads. I wanted to keep them plain and simple to basically show off their awesomeness more. The Bakunin Nomads (the ones I am getting into) are very random in many ways and subtle bases are the trick there, I believe.

        I posted the previews to the bases in one of my recent blog posts (I think most recent too lol). Check it out. 😉

  2. Almost forgot! What paint job would complete without a wash of Devlan Mudd/Agrax Earthshade (GW)? Use this sparingly around the edges of the metal plates as a “liner” to bump up the contrast. Matte varnish with some of Army Painter’s Anti-shine and you’re done. Sounds like a lot but’s very fast and easy. Trust me. 😉

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