Going Nomadic

“The Nomads consist of three enormous ships whose inhabitants, discontented with a society controlled by huge macroeconomic blocks and by A.I., have separated themselves from it and roam through space, trading from system to system.”

-Fiction from Infinity the Game

I started working on my Corregidor boxed set that I won from the Infinity O-12 podcast. These Nomad models have a much more sci-fi look than the Haqqislam stuff I’ve been painting recently. So, I wanted to go with a very bright and bizarre color scheme that looks more alien. Check out my prototype.


Nomad, Wildcat

The Corregidor box comes with three Wildcats so that’s where I decided to start painting.Ā I usually like painting the grunts of my armies first to get a feel for the color scheme and composition. Plus I’d rather screw up on one of these in the beginning than one of the other more unique minis later. The prototype model is where I create the “rules” for my color scheme and always takes the longest to finish. Once it’s done, the rest of the models come along a lot quicker… in theory. šŸ˜›


Nomad, Wildcat

You might not be able to tell from these pictures but I painted this little shit three times before I was satisfied with a color scheme. Thus, there is some loss of detail, particularly in the orange ribbing. My first concept was purple, blue, white and bright green for the lights. Then I went with mostly white, aqua, khaki and orange lights. With some help from my wife I ended with this. Very pleased!

I’m also working on some more illustrations and really cheap terrain. Lot’s of cool stuff coming up so stay tuned. Later!

Dabble With a Doodle

The Infinity O-12 podcast announced a drawing contest on episode 17. Contestants were to submit a 2D, Infinity themed piece of art by July 21st. So, despite my self-conscious nature when it comes to my illustrations I decided to send something in.

Scarface and Cordelia Copyright 2012 Corvus Belli

Scarface and Cordelia
Copyright 2012 Corvus Belli

I definitely wanted to draw a female and theĀ Infinity universe is filled withĀ iconic heroines. However, the typical scantily clad, sexy chick wasn’t what I had in mind. I decided to go withĀ Scarface and Cordelia as my subjects. Cordelia is a beautifully designed character with a playful look that goes well with my art style. Not only that, but her homie Scarface is also an amazing looking model. He’s got all the essential elements needed for a classic, bad-ass looking TAG (Tactical Armoured Gear). After a quick search online I found this great reference of the original concept art.


Sketch- Sharpie Marker

After a couple shitty sketches on my iPad and scrap paper I finally went with this basic concept. Scarface carrying Cordelia like a bebe and her looking all cute and optimistic (and who wouldn’t be with that walking tank behind them).


Final Inked- Sharpie and Pigma Micron Pen

At first, I was having a really hard time doing the final inking because I was focusing too much on making the characters totally accurate to the original design. Once I gave my self permission to tweak them a bit it was a lot easier to relax and enjoy the drawing.


Scarface and Cordelia, David Montalvan

Once I was done with the inking I scanned it onto my computer and colored it up using Adobe Illustrator. I’ve gotta admit that I’m really happy with the final result. Of course they’re a few things I’d change, but that’s the awesome thing about drawing, you take what you learn form one piece and apply it to the next. Always getting a little better with each illustration.

So now it’s up to the public to decide who will win the free boxed set prize and bragging rights. Go to the Infinity O-12 Facebook page and vote for your favorite Illustration. You can “Like” as many Ā entries as you wish (hopefully mine). Check it out and thanks for voting. šŸ™‚

‘Til Infinity And…

Hooray! More Infinity models completed. I’ve gone full bore with collecting these Haqqislam models. I just hope the gameplay is as enjoyable as the painting. Worst case scenario, I have a bunch of good looking Boba Fett inspired minis that look nice in my case. šŸ˜›


Haqqislam, Hassassin Lasiq


Haqqislam, Hassassin Lasiq

This is the very first model I bought for Infinity about two years ago and I finally painted him last week. I’m really happy with the way he came out.Ā I mean look at this dude. Kick ass gun, cool futuristic armor, mysterious cloak? All the essential elements a sci-fi, bad ass assassin needs. The only thing I need to add is some dust at the bottom of his cloak. I’m practicing on some test models first before applying the effect to this guy.


Haqqislam, Janissary


Haqqislam, Janissary

Corvus Belli (the makers of Infinity the Game) keeps knocking them outta the park. I can’t say much else about this miniature that the picture doesn’t show. It’s just so bad ass!Ā I was really intimidated to paint this, so I thought it’d be perfect to test out my fancy new Optivisor. The goggles helped to keep my work a lot neater, thus cutting back on touch ups in the end. Overall, I’m pleased with the blends and am especially happy with the color layout. Woot!

Haqqislam, Groupshot

Haqqislam, Groupshot

Here’s a shot of my Haqqislam force so far. I’ve got about 10 more minis waiting to be worked on but this should be enough to get me playing with my homies. So there you have it kiddies. So many models, so little time, so get painting. šŸ˜‰

Head Gear


– OptiVisor

My wifeĀ gave me a new toy for my birthday. Behold, I am the King of Geeks!Ā I saw a review for this on Tabletop Gaming News a couple of weeks ago and was intrigued. My lighting situation at home is pretty lame and I thought this would help. I was right. Sure I look like a dork, but I’ve never been able to paint a model so easily. At first I thought the depth of field would make me dizzy, but it’s actually very easy to get used to. The strap is a bit difficult to adjust and is either too loose or too tight, but that’s just on my head (your noggin’s experience may vary). Other than that,Ā it’s super lightweight and a great investment for any painter. You can buy the OptiVisorĀ here and the LED attachment here.

Still Lost In Infinity

Hello ya’ll! I’ve been slacking off on my weekly post schedule but a very cool surprise hasĀ reinvigorated me. The fellas at theĀ Infinity O-12Ā podcast mentioned me and my blog on their listener email segment. Thanks again to Tom and Kip for the kind words.Ā If you’re already into Infinity the Game or perhaps curious, you need to check out their podcast. So without further delay, here’s some more of my Haqqislam, Boba Fett themed list.


Haqqislam Remote, Rafiq – 360 view

“Baptized with names that come from the Arabic tradition, the Remotes are an option of economic and functional reinforcement for the Haqqislamite army.” -Infinity the Game

So this is my first attempt at doing a 360 animated view of a model. It was a pretty simple process (thanks to Photoshop and my lovely wife for teaching me how). I’m really digging the look and will definitely continue to use this format for high detailed models. I also tried out something new for the base. By using wood putty and a round sculpting tool I created a sand effect. The rocky outcropping that the Remote is standing on is made from made from a piece of cedar wood. You can buy a big bag of this stuff from a pet shop for super cheap and it’ll last you for a very long time. A litlle bit of dry-brushing and tada, it’s planet Tatooine! šŸ˜€

Haqqislam Gulam

Haqqislam Gulam, Front

Haqqislam Gulam

Haqqislam Gulam, Back

Here’s we have another Gulam infantry member. Same Boba-style coloer scheme as the first female Gulam I completed two weeks ago. Of course, I had to give him a head of blueish white hair. Youā€™ll probably notice that Iā€™m obsessed with white haired models; every army that I paint has at least one silver haired character.Ā In this case I think it’s a nice break from the mostly warm color palette. Hooray for balance! šŸ˜€

I’ve got a bunch of Haqqislam models assembled, primed up and ready to get painted, plus a slew of other projects lined up for the future. Thanks again to the guys over at Infinity O-12. Until my next post, stay connected!

Lost in Infinity

I recently had a case of shiny object syndrome. It’s a condition that myself and many other hobbyists suffer from. The evidence lies in the multitude of unfinished projects I have going on at once. Ā My most recent distraction is Infinity the Game. It’s a science fiction style game with an anime feel. The models are fantastic and the game seems to be pretty fun.

Haqqislam Gulam Front

Haqqislam Gulam,Ā Front

So I’ve decided to collect the Haqqislam faction. Here’s a little blurb from the website:

“Haqqislam, the New Islam, is a smaller power which possesses a single star-system only, Bourak. Separating itself from fundamentalism, Haqqislam bases its culture on an Islam which is humanist, philosophical and in continuous contact with nature. Biosanitary Science and Earthformation are the two major strengths of Haqqislam, which includes the best schools of medicine and planetology in the Human Sphere.”

Haqqislam Gulam Back

Haqqislam Gulam, Back

This Gulam infantry member is my second prototype for color palette, the first was pretty, meh. The color schemeĀ inspired by Boba Fett. I’m really digging it and am looking forward to finishing up some more stuff from this line. Aside from this I’m also working on Super Dungeon Explore, Hordes: Minions, and a vinyl toy that a friend made. Ugh, so many models so little time. Monty, out!


Since I started my blog, I’ve gotten great feedback and support from fellow miniature painters. I’ve also received a lot of questions from friends and family who don’t paint minis. So in this post I just wanted to give a very brief and basic run through of painting a model. In the future I’ll get more in-depth with my descriptions.

Clean the Model

Clean the Model

The very first thing that I do is clean the model of all imperfections such as mold lines, gaps and miscast areas. This Bonehead had some pretty nasty mold lines that I simply shaved off with an Exacto knife. He also has a big gap in his base that I filled in with some epoxy “green stuff”. Once all the touch ups are done I wash the model down with some warm water to remove any dust, chemicals and oil.



After cleaning is all done I prime the models. This is first step in painting the model and doing it right could me the difference between a pleasant experience and an awful one. The main thing is to prime in good dry weather that’s not too cold. Do it outdoors or else in a very well ventilated area. I prime out of my 2nd floor apartment window, which sucks when you accidentally drop a model to its DOOM. This is why I like to tape my figures down to a piece of board.



I don’t really have a preference for the color of primer that I use. It really depends on the project. If I’m planning on painting a lot of armor, I’ll use a metallic primer; if I plan on painting a lot of leather, I’ll use brown primer. I recently started using a combination of black primer first followed by a light dusting of white (a technique referred to as zenithal lighting miniature painters). I’ve found this to be great for bringing out the details in the model which makes paining and visualizing the final product much easier. Plus, it looks cool!

Base Coat

Base Coat

So now my model is all primed and ready to get painted. I start with base-coating the model with all the mid-toneĀ colors. Base coating is by far my least favorite step of painting any model. It’s also the most important step. If you leave the paint too thick you’ll ruin the fine details and end up with an ugly blobby looking mini. If you water your paint down too much you’ll be painting base-coats all day. So you have to find that perfectĀ Goldie Locks zone. This comes with practice but a general rule of thumb is to keep your paint consistencyĀ milk-like.



The next step I usually do for my model is give it a full body wash. A wash is a very watered down layer of pigment which, in this case, is used to create more depth and shading in the model. On this Bonehead I used a brown wash over the majority of the model, and a purple wash over the purple areas (duh).


At this point I recite a brief, magical incantation and place the model in the oven for 10 minutes at 350Ėš and presto! The miniature is complete. Allow the model to cool for a few minutes and enjoy.Ā šŸ™‚

All Done!

All Done!

Okay, so the next few steps I won’t go into a lot of detail here. It involves a few techniques like blending, layering, dry-brushing and highlights, but I’ll get into all those in a future post.

Disclaimer: Don’t be a doofus and actually put your models in an oven. Later gators!