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After much creative frustration and stagnation, I decided I had to do something to keep me from slowly going mad. I’m a children’s wear artist, and as great as that can be sometimes, no one is going to remember me for the countless¬†bunnies and butterflies I’ve done. So I’ve been doing a drawing a day for the past month now and posting to various social media outlets. I’m going to try keeping this up for the rest of the year in hopes of developing a nice collection of works that maybe I can put together as a book some day. As I’ve been posting my brain droppings, people have been showing interest in buying some of my art. If you are one of those folks, this is the place for you! Make sure to visit my S6 page¬†and¬†follow me on Instagram.


Lazy Day, brush pen on paper

We Have a Winner!

It’s official, I can now be¬†labeled a¬†“Mr. Fancy Pants”. That’s because this weekend I won The¬†Draconic Awards, Captain Con 2015 Best of Show trophy. Booyah baby! Thanks to everyone over at¬†Wargamers Consortium for putting this event together.¬†Up until the last moments¬†before¬†the announcement¬†I¬†didn’t expect¬†such a fantastic result.¬†It was a great experience and one that I look forward to doing again.


Bad ass trophies and medals ūüôā

Nomad Gecko by Corvus Belli

The Draconic Awards 2015, CaptainCon Best of Show

Warpwolf Stalker by Privateer Press

The Draconic Awards 2015, CaptainCon Silver Coin

Grissel Bloodsong by David Montalvan

The Draconic Awards 2015, CaptainCon Silver Coin

Would you like to enter a painting competition? The Draconic Awards is the place to go. The organizers are super cool, talented people and provide great feedback. And furthermore, those medals and trophy are bad ass!
I had a great time at CaptainCon. The organizers were able to do a lot¬†with the space including a demo section, tournaments, role playing games and a board game room. It was a chill convention in a nice venue and I’m really looking forward to the next time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some painting to do.

A Lesson in Female Anatomy

A few months ago my friend Alex, asked me to paint up this anatomy figure for him. At first I was pretty intimidated and had no idea how to approach painting her. However, after much deliberation and air brush practice I mustered up enough confidence¬†to get to work. So, ladies and gents¬†taking center stage, this¬†8 inch tall beauty is¬†available through¬†3Dtotal.¬†¬†Give it up for¬†Bertha (well that’s what I named her).


Here she is without any paint and a little¬†sanding work done. As you can see, it’s a beautifully sculpted model with a lot of detail and very realistic proportions. This is an excellent addition to any artist’s reference collection.


Alex requested that I¬†only paint the muscle half.¬†So I set about to masking all the areas i didn’t want to paint. Step one was painting on some Vallejo airbrush liquid mask, followed by painters tape and then more liquid mask over that. Lastly I Gave Bertha a spray coat of White Primer.

FemMod_PiPI took these pictures¬†during the first few airbrush sessions. I¬†started¬†with a¬†warm red-orange¬†basecoat¬†followed by some shading using a darker neutral red. From there I added a few light coats of pink and Ivory. I used a references from the Bodies Exhibit to help with¬†where the lighter colored tissue go. The last step for the muscle tissue¬†were¬†several washes. The first few¬†red washes were to soften the¬†highlights.¬†Then I mixed a brown/red ink and applied that¬†in the recesses to bring out contrast in¬†the recesses. In the final images below you’ll see Bertha after a few white brushed-on highlights and some other detail.


Female Anatomy Model by 3DTotal

And here’s the final version. As a side note, when I originally masked the model I forgot to cover her toes on her left foot. So I mixed up my won gray to match the resin (pretty close if I do say so myself) and brushed that on.¬†This model is very different from the stuff I’m used to working on. The scale is bigger, the detail is more subtle and the style is more realistic.¬†It’s been a fun, challenging project and I’m¬†happy to have finally completed it. Anyhoo, I hope you like Bertha and please share any thoughts you have on her and my paint job. As always, happy painting! ūüôā